Saturday, August 11, 2007


I guess if I blogged as much as I change the look of my blog, I'd be a pretty avid blogger! Seriously.

I'm really starting to feel settled in at the new homestead. The only drawback so far is the fact that if there is more house...there is more house to clean. Bummer. But carpet is a whole lot less maintenance than hardwood floors! Overall this whole transition has been fairly smooth. The kids have really settled right major "adjustment" behavior to deal with. I'm thinking they were ready!

Now, to just get my creative juices flowing again! I'm thinking very seriously about teaching scrapbooking classes out of home...since we have the space and a mostly empty dining room. Any of you local folks reading interested in something like that? {if anyone is reading that is :)}

My next goal is to figure out how to make a blog banner that actually fits on the blog page!

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