Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heartgrooves Papercrafting

I'm so excited!!! My little idea for this is finally coming to fruition! I've been wanting to teach scrapbooking classes for a long time, and it was always my dream to teach them at my home. Since our house was always wanting for space, it was never realistic. Well, since the move...we have all sorts of empty rooms and I'm getting it started! I've sent out the class info for September and have some folks signed up! Yay!

So here is what I will I build my mailing list, I will also post all of the info here on my blog. Here is the Sept info. I'm also going to add some links to my sidebar with info about basic supplies I recommend. I have had some people ask questions about this so I thought I would just get it all in one place.

I would love to hear from you!! If you are in the area and interested, email me, call me or leave a comment on this blog!!


dpk4545 said...

Congratulations Beth! I wish I was in the area . . . I will sign up!

Aunt Deb

dpk4545 said...

I meant I WOULD sign up!