Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas is almost here!

And chances are this is as far as our Christmas cards are going to get...

I'm really not too organized this year. We don't have a tree or anything yet. Our poor deprived children may never get over it. We keep going back and forth about real vs artificial in the tree department. We finally concluded that this would be the last year for a real one...and then the snow and ice came. So much for cutting down a tree. Back to the old drawing board.

My New Years resolution will be to get organized early for the holidays in 2008. I'll get started in January! ;)

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Gayla said...

It is so cute!! I haven't met all your kids yet!

I don't like real trees. It is my mom's fault. She would live them up til Easter and all the needles would be in the Thick Shag carpet, stabbing us til the next real tree went up.

This year I bought a lovely fake already lit white tree. I love it cause it only takes three steps to put it together! lol Oh and it only cost 29.99!! lol

Emily did great tonight! See you in January!