Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas Day (Downtown Disney)

Here I am, another few days behind in posting. I am determined to report on every single day of our trip if it takes me all year. Which it might.

Christmas morning we woke up to stockings and fairly warm weather. The kids swam, blew bubbles and played most of the morning and early afternoon.

Since we decided to relax most of the day, we decided to head to Downtown Disney for shopping and a nice dinner out. It was so crowded, we just could not believe it! No sign of a recession here. There was some fun stuff to see, the lego displays outside the lego store were amazing. We enjoyed the Pick a Brick was very satisfying eye candy for a color oriented person like me.

We did lots of shopping. The kids spent their Christmas money on fun stuff.
We ended with a nice dinner out at a mexican type place...I had a cheeseburger :)

Next up: Hollywood Studios our final day of fun!

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