Saturday, January 02, 2010

Magic Kingdom Day 4

Day 4 was a big day. Bill and Chip got up early to get to Magic Kingdom right away in order to get fast passes for the big rides only to find that they could not get passes for people not checked in yet :P But they got to see the big park opening production which I'm guessing was pretty cool. So, the rest of us got there fairly early (for us). We took the ferry over instead of the monorail for something different.

This was the day we dealt with the most lines/crowds. We stood in line to get to the park and we stood in line while we were there and we stood in line to leave. It was literally wall to wall people. It took us a while to even get down the main stretch. We stopped for photo ops at the statue...

...and happened upon a parade that was actually a "street party". That was fun, dancing in the street with characters. Molly was a bit scared of the guys on stilts, but could not resist the chance to dance.

We tried to hit all of the classic rides and got to most of them. We were so impressed with Emily, she rode all of the big roller coasters and loved them. Parker loved them as well.

Molly's favorite was It's a Small World so we rode that one twice.

All in all this was a fun day. The crowds were starting to get to me at this point, but it was manageable. Emily said to me at one point "Everyone is so nice here, they all call me princess!", so I know she was having a great time :)

Tomorrow, Day 5...the beach on Christmas Eve.

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