Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Feeling a bit ADD this morning. So, I thought I'd blog.

1. Buddy seems to be settling in with our family. There have been a few doggie escapades that I thought would result in his dismissal, but I think we secretly like him too much :)

2. I have a giant pile of very dirty dishes in my sink that I am avoiding like the plague.

3. Thinking about my brother in Louisiana, wish I could be with him right now.

4. Tons of creative ideas swirling through my head right now, but conflicting emotions about whether or not to proceed with the idea that I should continue selling on Etsy or in fairs.

5. I have a problem...

My husband has expressed his concern for me and my uncharacteristic obsession.

6. Wanting to start a big kitchen painting/tile backsplash project, but that would require me to do those dishes.

7. I am happy for the nice weather outside today. Tomorrow they are calling for rain.

8. Thanks for listening!

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