Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Update

So, I didn't do a very good job updating the process of my big photo organization project. Here are a few preliminary shots of what the finished product is looking like...
These are the albums I put all of the older family photos into. Each of these holds 144 4x6 photos. Since most older photos are smaller than 4x6, I put a couple in each section.

This is my storage under a table I have covered with painter's canvas. The large tubs house various craft/scrapboking supplies and the small tubs are my photos.

These tubs house printed photos from basically 1989-2009. The last few years each have their own tub as this was when I started scrapbooking and taking a ridiculous amount of photos. Inside each one are the packets organized by event that year. Some of the older ones I have separated with tabs, still by event as that makes the most sense to me.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this. It feels more streamlined and I think I will be able to find what I need fairly easily. So far my system of not printing every photo I take has worked well...I've been printing some at home and I like the convenience of that. Also, if I print at home, i use the photos right away on a layout or for a project so there is no need to find a place for them until I can get to it.

Next, I'm going to get through a lot of the classes I have taken and finish those up. I hope to be sharing some soon!

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