Monday, May 03, 2010

Guacamole for your face

Yep. You heard me. You use this yummy stuff on your face!

Now, I am not generally a beauty regimen kind of girl. But it seems some cruel force of nature be it hormones, environmental or the copious amounts of chocolate that I eat is causing me to have acne in my late 30's. Not cool.

I also have very sensitive skin, so if I use typical acne treatments, my problems just get worse. So, I stumbled upon this lovely recipe for a natural face mask you can make from ingredients typically found in everyone's(or at least most peoples)kitchen.

1/2 very ripe avacado (this is perfect if you have an over-ripe avacado that may not taste the best)
1 egg
2-3 tablespoons honey
Mix these all together, I use my hand blender to mix, but it can be done with just a fork. Smooth onto face avoiding the eye area. allow to dry, you will feel your skin tighten as it dries. Rinse. I usually apply and then rinse in the shower.

The avacado moisturizes your skin, the egg yolk also moisturizes while the egg white works as an astringent(if your skin is very dry just use the yolk). Honey is a natural antibacterial agent that works to get rid of acne. I was very skeptical the first time I used it because it feels a little strange to slop food onto your face, and well, I'm just a skeptic at heart. But it really smoothed my skin and got rid of the acne I had. It also reduced the size of my pores drastically. Try it. I love to find an easy, inexpensive solution to my beauty problems :)

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