Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Annual Float Trip

We just got back from our annual float trip that we do with a group of friends from church. Just a quick one night camp out and a 4 hour float, but our family looks forward to it every year. There is something about the tradition of it at this point that is very enjoyable for us.

I love the small town we visit while camping, they have some great retro looking signs. You might remember this one from last year.

The kids had such a great time. Who doesn't love catching crawdads in the river all day and then running around the campfire with flashlights all night? or at least until quiet hour on the campground :)

The kids got their own little tent this year...they loved that.

The float itself was great...the cool river water felt great on a 100 degree day. And my constant re-application of the sunscreen paid off...no sunburns! That's all a mom can ask for :)

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