Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Comfy much?

I think this is a really good excuse for not getting the laundry done, don't you?

I have been participating in Ali's Week in the Life project. It is actually quite a but harder than i thought it would be to feel comfortable taking pictures of my every day activities. For sure have not taken as many pics as i would have thought.

Here's Missy Moo coloring in the car on the way to dance...it doesn't seem to matter how short of a drive we have, the girls just have to have something to do in the car. I finally put the kabosh on packing a bag each time we had to run somewhere.

Our Robin friend built her nest in our tree again this year and we have a lovely set of blue eggs to watch again. I was thinking it was kind of late for the egg laying thing, but I don't really know... I do hope they hatch.

I'll share more about my week tomorrow :)

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